Windows 8.1 broke your bigpond internet? here is the fix

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windows 8 bigpond internet fix solution

I like the speed about windows 8.1 but lately its been involved in breaking a few things for my clients…

I fixed a problem today where the internet was only partially working on a Windows 8 computer. The client had updated to Windows 8.1 and websites would load at first but then break or get errors when I went to download something or do a speedtest it would get page not found errors. Strange eh? so it was working but it was not..

The Solution / Fix
Luckily I was able to find others with the same problem on Whirlpool here ..The fix involves changing the DNS settings of the computer. In this situation I added one DNS server from Telstra I found here and one DNS server from google I found here so if there was a problem with either one the other DNS server would work.

Here is how to change the DNS settings in windows 8;

  1. Find the Network Adapter and right click on it
  2. Goto the TCPv4 Section
  3. Update the DNS details down the bottom (I used telstra and google servers here)

update DNS settings on windows 8.1 to fix bigpondupdate DNS settings on windows 8.1 to fix bigpond 2update DNS settings on windows 8.1 to fix bigpond step 3


To be honest I’m a bit disappointed Telstra have not updated their netgear modems as this seems to be where the problem is – the guys on Whirlpool were posting about this in October 2013 and it is still not fixed. Come on Telstra! Fix this buggy internet problem.

If you need help with this, we can assist you – give us a call on 0401 229 104

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