The secret of how I use an 11.2gig email account with no freezing, crashing or slowness at all

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This  solution I use myself which enables me to have one central place for all my email accounts (business & personal), where I can keep a massive collection of emails, using the power of a super computer. It never crashes and it is free…interested?

Problem: Crashing Email Systems

I recently had a few clients call me with a crashing/hanging/slow email account, the main cause being that their email system has grown to a size that so big that the system couldn’t handle it anymore.

In my experience with fixing computers for clients I see two situations with emails;
1) People who delete almost all emails and keep the inbox super clean or empty “burn after reading” style (awesome, but rare)
2) People (myself included) who like to automatically keep access to ALL emails AND still want to be able to go through them quickly without needing to export/save stuff manually

There are two solutions;

  • Solution 1: Delete not needed emails – and manually export important ones.. (Time consuming and limiting) 
  • Solution 2: Keep a huge amount of emails automatically without slowness or crashing.. (My solution..)

How email works for most people
Your emails are waiting somewhere on a server until you check them, when you check them they get copied to your computer (using Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage or Mac Mail etc) and deleted off the server immediately or after 30 days (which enables iphones/ipads etc to also check and download the latest items).

The problem with this is setup is the email file on your computer grows and grows, and it becomes less reliable over time. For old versions of Outlook the reliable limit was around 2gb, the new versions can handle more – but get less and less reliable above the 2gb mark. Clients call me when it gets too large and breaks.

My Solution

What I do myself and sometimes setup for clients is keep their main email file “in the cloud” using Gmail or Office 365 or Hosted Exchange. These services often have a large amount of storage space for your email and the hard work of keeping the mail file organised and searchable is run on a clustered google super computer, much faster then your home pc.

When I want to check my email, I don’t use Outlook or Entourage or mac Mail, I just use my web-browser and goto – my non-gmail accounts are setup to goto different folders in there. I do have outlook-express setup to send emails from my accounting software, but don’t use it for checking emails.

So how do I setup my non-gmail accounts in gmail?

I have one main gmail account which downloads mail from all of my other business email addresses (paul@itcallout… help@itcallout… etc). my pop email accounts in gmailI do this by taking advantage of the ‘POP Email’ access option in gmail (found in the settings area) so everything is in the gmail account.

Then on my computer and other devices I only need to connect to one location to get all of my emails. I’ve also setup some flags and filters for different mail accounts to go to special folders and so emails from clients who need computer support go to the top.
I then log into gmail via my web-browser to check my email instead of outlook, also I have this setup on my iPhone/ipad/tablet and I have some other email addresses forwarding there so in total there are around 7 email addresses going to my one main email account.

When I search through my email, the processing is done out on the internet not on my pc, so it is faster and doesn’t slow me down.

With my portable devices (iphone/ipad/tablet) I check just the 50 most recent messages so I can avoid downloading all 11 gigabytes of emails on my devices.
Beware: If you want to transfer your emails over to gmail and already have a very large mail database (2gb or more) you will need to upload your emails there first.  One option is to break it into small chunks and do it bit by bit. If you have a really large multi-gigabyte email file this could take 1-8 hours.

I can help you with this onsite or remotely even if you are not in Australia – if you need help – call us on 0401 229 104.

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