System Restore on Windows 7 “System Restore encountered an error” Solved

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Today I came across a strange issue with a Windows 7 Pc. The System Restore was not functioning properly, this is useful as it puts little backups in your system on a regular basis and if you install something that causes problems, one solution is to run back to the previous restore point. The error message I was getting was this:

“System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0x81000203)”

It was pretty confusing, some solutions suggested disabling antivirus software or restarting the volume shady copy services which didn’t make any difference for me. I was lucky to find a little suggestion about a ‘tune up’ utility, so I searched the computer and found out that the AVG Antivirus tune up utility was on “turbo” mode on this computer. I switched it back to a non-turbo mode and the system restore magically started working again. So be careful of these “Tune-up” utilities even from a good Anti Spyware Anti Virus and Anti Malware company like AVG – this kind of thing can cause computer problems with system restore.


I hope that this helps someone else out there.

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