Wireless security cameras setup with recording and motion detection

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One of the jobs I completed recently in Applecross (near Perth) was Setting up some wireless web cameras for a client. After setting up the cameras I found some software which can record video based on motion detection. I then set it up so the three wifi cameras were on stand-by and at night the infra-red light would turn on in the software. We set it so when motion was detected between midnight and daybreak infront of these cameras it would start recording and send an alert email which is viewable via iphone/ipad or any other computer remotely over the internet.web wifi cam

The video security software programs I found for recording and remotely monitoring web cameras are these;

Blue Iris (Paid)

I Spy Connect (Free)

Wifi cameras are pretty cheap these days, so its a nice solution for extra security in your home. One thing to note though is that the Infra-red light coming from these cameras can be pretty strong, so you probably don’t want it switched on when you are around even though you can’t see it, it may damage your eyes. Also its important to setup passwords on these devices and be aware of the security issues around having internet-connected cameras.

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