Windows 10 – Should you upgrade? my recent support calls to help fix it..

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Many of you would have seen the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10, but is it a good idea to upgrade for free? In my opinion – not yet. Unless you have

Windows 10 Upgrade Perth

Windows 10 Upgrade Perth

windows 8… here I explain why;


When new operating systems are released often there are imperfections to be ironed out and flaws that come to the surface. Over a period of time these get patched and fixed with windows updates but it takes some time for this to filter through to fix alot of small issues. If you have a brand new computer, it will be fine to start with Windows 10 but with an older computer it is possible that your hardware drivers have not been updated and or are buggy or not fully functional.

The way the windows upgrade process works means that it will be difficult to go back to your old Windows once you have started the process. Along with this the windows 10 upgrade is a pretty large download and will use more hard drive space on your computer.

Recently I had a few support call to Marmion to help with an old computer that was just upgraded to Windows 10. At first it worked, but then it stopped responding altogether. I assisted by extracting the data off to a new computer and the client was up and running again. In this case the computer was on its last legs anyway and upgrading to windows 10 pushed it over the edge. I’ve also seen some computers in Duncraig and Hillarys dealing with Windows 10 upgrade issues. Overall I would advise to stay away for now if you have an older computer running Windows 7. However you can click on the link and claim your free upgrade for later. You don’t need to install it just yet.

If you are already running Windows 8 or 8.1 the windows 10 upgrade is a more reliable idea, but I would avoid it if everything is running well. There is a chance that upgrading will make your computer run better and be like a bit of a clean up, but you will most likely need to re-install some things.

One of the greatest things about Windows 10 is the familiar start-menu interface, which is a breath of fresh air to people who enjoy the old familiar windows look and feel. But this can also be applied to windows 8 with the help of some third party software (We have installed the start menu for a bunch of computers running windows 8 around Perth).

I’ve been glad to have some new computer repair clients around my local area in Sorrento, Kingsley, Duncraig, Woodvale, Marmion, Watermans Bay and Whitfords lately – if you need help with Windows 10 or any other issues – you can call me on 0401 229 104

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