Mobile Internet Repair done in Northbridge (Perth) & More Windows 10

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Yesterday I was helping troubleshoot and fix an internet connection in the Northbridge area. Basically the client had an unreliable internet connection for quite some time and when it finally would not connect or work at all they called us in. When I arrived I found that the modem wasn’t sync’ing (talking to the internet provider) at all so I traced it back and plugged the modem into the smart wiring hub in the house – this worked, so I then re-routed the modem to another room in the house and it was up and running.

mouse cable eater

Fortunately I didn’t come across an actual mouse eating a cable, but I’m guessing this could have caused the faulty internet connection for my client.

Unfortunately the playstation couldn’t quite reach the wireless signal so I installed a wireless signal booster / extender and plugged a network cable directly from that into the playstation. Problem solved and the client was happy. Fixing internet connections is something that we commonly do for our clients.

In this case it was a faulty cable going through the house and we were able to work around it, I’ve actually heard that mice can chew the wires and cause this to occur, though it could have been other things too, but we don’t install cables in walls or remove them so I never get to really see what happened.

I also had another client in Greenwood with windows 10 driver issues, when I arrived it had been taken back to windows 7 but had a bunch of adware running in google chrome.. “ads by…” type of things. So I ran a few of my favorite¬†cleanup tools and manually removed the junk and it was good to go.

If you are looking for a mobile internet repairer and don’t need new cables, but just troubleshooting your internet connection and getting it to run faster, give us a call on 0401 229 104

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