Save your computer from going to landfill – Lions Club PC Refurbishment Project

(Updated 3/4/2019)
In my research for options of Computer recycling in Perth we came across the following Lions Project, in our opinion this is currently the best thing to do with your old IT Equipment;

Perth computer recycling and refurbishment

Save your computer from going to landfill in Perth and get it recycled by the Lions Club Computer Recycling Project, a not for profit organisation run by volunteers

They are available to take collections;
Every Wednesday from 8.30 – 2.30pm
Rear 29 Adrian St (The Dutch Butchers)
Welshpool WA 6106
Other Times – Alternative contact – Murray Fletcher
9258 3891
0414 746 957

Other Times – Alternative contact – Murray Fletcher

9258 3891

0414 746 957

More Official Info Below;

The Computer Recycling Project operates a recycling and refurbishment project with the
following objectives:


Save pre-used computers from going to land fill

To provide a means of disposing of used computers preventing them from ending up in landfill. All equipment donated to Lions will be assessed and if within the minimum specifications set by the Club will be reborn and distributed back into society to start a new life. If below specifications they will be stripped down to their individual component material types and recycled. Over 95% of the material is recovered and redistributed to be used again for other manufacturing purposes.

Provide Data Security for companies and individuals


All computer equipment fitted with Hard Drives and memories are subjected to a software information erasure procedure that completely destroys all Data, Programs, and the Operating Systems, making them totally irrecoverable. This procedure enables the donor to be completely confident that the integrity and security of all business and private data are maintained. If specifically requested by the donor, equipment will be listed by asset number and held under lock and key until processed. As the erasure process is completed it is recorded on the list identifying the unit, operator and date. When the information erasure procedures on all listed units are complete a copy of the list is then returned to the donor as confirmation.

Provide a supply of low cost computers to Seniors, Pensioners, Students and the disadvantaged

High end specification computers are refurbished and offered to the above target group at zero or at an extremely low cost to enable them to enrich their lives by communicating over the internet, perform research or use for entertainment.

Provide computer equipment to Third world countries

Computer equipment not distributed to Australian citizens is shipped overseas to third world countries to enable children and adults to be trained in their use and therefore better equip them to provide for their families into the future.

In 2012 shipments were distributed to Schools, Orphanages, and not for profit community and charity organisations in Tanzania, Myanmar (Burma), Kenya, Cameroon, PNG, and the Solomon’s.

Provide a service opportunity for retired people to serve the world community

Although run by Lions the majority of the work is carried out by volunteers who provide their time without financial reward. Every Wednesday they gather to complete the sorting, refurbishing, and packaging of the donated equipment ready for shipment. This provides an outlet for those individuals to enjoy the company of like minded people in the knowledge that they “get out of the house” for one day a week and that the effort put in is to the advantage of needy people all over our planet.

“The project suffers from one major hurdle, which is the shortage of donated
Computer Systems to meet all our on going requests for help. Therefore any
support by way of donated equipment whether from private or business sources
would be well used and greatly appreciated.”

If you have any computer equipment to dispose of and able to support this worthwhile
project please contact: Murray Fletcher
Telephone: 9258 3891 Mobile: 0414 746 957

by Paul Stone