How to change a saved WEP key on Mac OSX – SOLVED

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key chain access screenshot osxToday I connected to a router with the wrong WEP password on my macbook. I went to change the save password by deleting the network from the network settings area on osx, but even after I deleted it and turned off wifi it came back and i didn’t have the change to change the password. Even after restarting the computer, no dice! The solution came when I discovered that WEP keys are saved in “Keychain Access” on OSX, so even if you delete the network it will still have the password saved in your mac, causing you to either change the wireless network name to be able to sovle it or to be able to open the ‘keychain access’ app on the mac and change it manually from there. Once I was able to change it manually in the keychain access area it was working perfectly. *phew*

P.S. you can get to Keychain Access by typing it into spotlight on the top right or finding it under applications -> utilities (not the System Preferences..)

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