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What is the difference between Viruses, malware and Spyware? these and other terms explained in plain english…

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Want to have a better understanding of what these virus related things are and how they actually work?

These are some of the things we remove & fix on a regular basis with our computer repairs in Perth. For the curious you can learn a little more about what these are and how they work by checking this list;

computer virus terms explained by a perth computer repair company

Definitions of Virus, malware related terms;

Computer Virus

A program that automatically starts & copies its self to a computers hard drive and to other computers when possible without knowledge or permission of the owner. Also usually causes problems with the computer.
Originally viruses would spread by floppy disk but now mostly via the internet.

Missing Emails and Contacts on Outlook for Mac

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Recently I helped a new client Ian with missing mac outlook contacts and emails.

Ian left a blog comment about getting his Mac Outlook mail fixed:
“I have Outlook for Mac and it appears that I have lost some data. is this an area that you are able to help with?”
I had my email open, so I was able to phone him back right away and connect in to help him remotely.outlook-mac-perth-it-support-missing-emails-and-contacts-recovered-and-fixed

Ian’s Story;

My problem was trying to find someone who would work with “Outlook for Mac“. Paul was able to help and called me back within 30 seconds. I had lost a bunch of data and could not recover it. Paul was able to restore part of it and I am certain that with the lost emails he will be able to recover at some stage. IT Call Out are a company that can be depended upon and we need people like them.

We like to ask our clients for feedback along with what is important for them – this is Ian’s response:


Still using windows XP? The first bug Microsoft won’t fix..

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microsoft-xp-inernet-explorerWindows XP, the Operating System first released for retail sale on October 25, 2001 is now officially no longer supported by microsoft – which until recently was still getting updates for bugs, security problems and things that were making it crash.

So from here on in, its going to be a better and better idea to upgrade to windows 7 or windows 8 instead. For most people that still have windows XP its probably time to upgrade or replace your computer at the same time.

Recently there was a massive bug discovered in internet explorer versions 6 through 11 that allows hackers to gain access to your computer, unfortunately this won’t be fixed for windows XP users.. see below;

So for the time being, if you are using XP, stop using internet explorer and use Firefox instead to stay more secure.

If you have a repair needed to an old XP or even Windows 95, 98 or even windows 3.11 system we will still try to help you with your computer, but with the age of these PC systems, they are less and less reliable due to the computer hardware failure and wearing out. Often we have advised our clients to upgrade instead of spending too much money on an old system and have helped people transfer files, emails, documents, photos and network and internet settings across so the new machine is as familiar as possible to the old computer. If you need technical support or computer network maintenance support in Perth we can help you – call Daniel on 0401 229 104

Our personal advice on secure passwords…

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So as right now is a great time to choose a new password due to the Heartbleed bug we talked about recently here and here. Here are our recommendations for passwords;

Quick advice on passwords;

It is best to use different randomly generated passwords for every account, but you will need special password tracking software to generate and keep track of them all – and if someone gets access to this program on your computer you loose your security anyway – so here is my alternative;

Use more than one password – 3 Main passwords or more

Especially for your main bank account, use a password that is different from everywhere else. Then for other sites have a more secure password and a more common one, the more the better – but to keep it simple I recommend at least these 3;

  1. A Special Main Bank Account Password
  2. A Secure password for the most important sites
  3. A less secure password for the sites that are not as important

(You could also use variations of the same password in order to make it easier for yourself, but this reduces the security a bit)

Make strong passwords

In order to make strong passwords, use at least 4 different words (in a non-predictable way), use a number and an uppercase letter somewhere too. You can check how strong it is here:

We have assisted our clients in the past with changing passwords and even recovering passwords – if you need help you can always give us a buzz on 0401 229 104 or email us through our contact us page here

Which websites were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug recently

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The image following shows which sites were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug and which ones you should probably change your password for. The thing that is a bit shocking to me is that Facebook, Amazon, Google and Yahoo were all affected.

Now the fact that these sites had some vulnerability doesn’t mean you have already had all of your information stolen, it just means that it is a possibility that they could have gotten some of your data, specifically your email address and password.

heartbleed vulnerable websites to change your password, even Perth peoples computers are at risk of this security flaw

I’ve personally changed my password on some of my accounts so far and will continue to do so, I’m really glad the online banking wasn’t affected.

check out the full list at Mashable here

the original graphic comes from here

The ‘Heartbleed’ bug: What is the danger – and how to stay safe

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heartbleed bugThere has been a big problem with the internet lately – the “Heartbleed” bug.

You can also check it out on on BBC and from the US government;

What is this computer bug about?

Basically this bug gives hackers a way past the security on roughly two thirds of the websites out there. (Don’t worry; our site was not affected.)

Hackers can grab usernames, passwords, credit card information, encryption keys and other sensitive information they shouldn’t have.

The worst part is that this bug existed for two years before any security company or researcher noticed.

It sounds bad, and it is bad. But it isn’t the end of the world, or even the Internet. Read on to take a look at what exactly is going on and how you can stay safe.


What have we been up to lately? a few examples of IT Repair Work done

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Some of the recent Computer Repairs and IT Support work we have completed successfully bringing a smile to the face of these clients in Perth;

For Mr Bell in Morley we helped with adware and virus issues;


removed some Adware and Viruses, Updated the Antivirus software and installed a newer web browser that is more secure and less likely to have popups and other junk.

For Mr Mooney in Mindarie we helped with these internet and wireless problems;

  • Troubleshooted the internet connection issues because the internet was not working properly
  • Setup a new wireless router-modem and setup the internet connection
  • Setup and configured email addresses on 5 devices (mac, iphone 3 ipads)
  • Optimised and checked the internet speed, checked connections and tweaked the modem settings to make it as fast as possible


For miss Kelly in Connoly we helped with email, wireless and with cleaning up;

  • We got to the bottom of the issue and removed anPerth computer recycling and refurbishmentnoying email popups that were happening on her laptop
  • We troubleshooted and fixed wireless internet connection problems
  • We erased confidential information and data off the old pc so that it can be recycled properly without worries about people getting personal data.



And here is some recent wonderful feedback;

“After home upgrade, we had problems with space and files, we had also lost our security Daniel knew exactly how to fix all our problems, and did so efficiently without fuss.”


If you are stuck with something technical and looking for prompt service available when you needed it and reliable competent technicians with knowledge of Macs, PCs, tablets, iphones, iPads, android devices, routers & modems and more – give us a call on 0401 229 104

How to get your computer fixed without the panic in 2 steps

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Step 1) – Take a deep breath, No need to Panic!

You can get your computer fixed it in almost no time at all.

Say goodbye to putting up with your PC problems for weeks on end. Just ring us today and you can have it sorted out promptly and efficiently by our politetech support tip time machine staff.

If your computer problems are driving you insane we will find and rectify your problem. Our service is fast, is in your own business or home and you get to see what is happening to your pc and are told exactly what went wrong as we work.
some of the things we deal with regularly;

  • To get your computer working normally again (or running like new)
  • To fix your crashed laptop/desktop and also streamline it to run more efficiently
  • Clearing your Mac or PC and making Office or Outlook work again
  • To fix all viruses and Trojans in your PC
  • To set up your back-up system
  • We will help you if you are under warranty or not
  • Internet problem fixes / New Modem (save you having to phone your ISP)

Give us a go and see for yourself, our techs know what they are talking about

beyond our technical knowledge, we focus on these important aspects;

  • Friendly and Professional staff
  • To Fix problems quickly & very efficiently
  • Reliable; To Turn up at the Promptly at the appointed time
  • Act with Professionalism and provide a prompt highly efficient service
  • Not afraid to go the extra mile to get the job done
  • helpful courteous and professional
    (explain everything in simple terms without being patronising,
    we don’t make you feel silly with the questions that need to be asked)
  • have all the problems fixed in a very reasonable time
Here I am with Alan - his Computer was Repaired and back up and running within a few hours.. a happy situation for all =)

Here I am with Alan – his Computer was Repaired and back up and running within a few hours.. a happy situation for all =)

Give us a call to get prompt service from someone who actually knows what they are doing and save yourself days of being on the phone to your ISP, Telstra, Apple or Computer company. We fix many problems within the first hour and if we need to, we can provide a quick temporary fix to get you through until the problem is completely solved.

Step 2) Put this number into your phone and give us a call now

If it is urgent we can even respond immediately on a week-end.. so for prompt, polite & quick service – just send us an email (help(~at~) or

give us a call on 0401 229 104


New Computer Repairs & IT Support – 10 March 2014

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mac-pc-hard-drive-computer-repairs-support-perthClient Feedback Submitted: Monday, March 10, 2014
Q: What were you looking for?

“A reliable competent technician for my Mac prompt service when I needed it.”

Our Client’s Story;

“Just like the previous example, Cody really sorted my problems and set up a new computer. Daniel also proved to be a really good technician. Arriving promptly, friendly polite and sorting my problem which was tidying up the messiness I had got myself into. Joy Salmon, Embleton, 6062”

Thanks for the feedback Joy! it means alot to us 😉


Some Computer Repair work & feedback late feb & early march 2014: Internet connection problem fixed etc..

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Recently we went out to repair a faulty internet connection problem due to a network hub issue which was for a small business in Myaree.

We have also been assisting several clients with some Apple Mac things – syncing up computers, fixing slow macs and cleaning them up when they have junk on them.

Here is some great feedback regarding some work from our technicians – this is the raw, unedited feedback we received.
(We ask our clients what were they looking for and also what was the problem we helped with in their own words)

“Accuracy- Knowledge -Explanations- And arrive on time. Daniel achieved all 4

computer technical support partsTrend Virus protection – Back Ups-Windows media player not connecting. Daniel fixed the lot. in a good time frame.”


And from another client:


“knowledge, interpersonal skills, patience and Cody was wonderful.

small things really – but all of them different – not just computing but also interacting with other technology in my house. the people from IT Call Out (Cody + Daniel) – were professional and kind – quick – got everything working – treated me respectfully despite my absolute ignorance about computers. most grateful and will continue to use the service”