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A quick fix for file type associations – windows7

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Open regedit from Start menu (You can also invoke the file using Run command)
Navigate to the following registry branch:


Click on the arrow to expand it and delete the sub-key named UserChoice. Exit from Registry Editor.


Fast tool for backing up or copying large files, can resume if stuck

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Hey all,

Recently I’ve been using this tool to transfer large files – usually from clients old computers when they are upgrading to a new computer and transferring everything across, or backing things up for safekeeping – or even from pc to mac or mac to pc. When dealing with many gigabytes of files, its a real pain of the windows Copy feature gets stuck. This one can resume and it is much quicker when copying files through xp or vista and probably faster for windows 7 too. Windows 8 apparently is alot faster with its internal copy function so depending on how many files you have top copy or transfer it may be worth it.

Anyway the program is called “Teracopy” and you can find it here:

System Restore on Windows 7 “System Restore encountered an error” Solved

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Today I came across a strange issue with a Windows 7 Pc. The System Restore was not functioning properly, this is useful as it puts little backups in your system on a regular basis and if you install something that causes problems, one solution is to run back to the previous restore point. The error message I was getting was this:

“System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0x81000203)”

It was pretty confusing, some solutions suggested disabling antivirus software or restarting the volume shady copy services which didn’t make any difference for me. I was lucky to find a little suggestion about a ‘tune up’ utility, so I searched the computer and found out that the AVG Antivirus tune up utility was on “turbo” mode on this computer. I switched it back to a non-turbo mode and the system restore magically started working again. So be careful of these “Tune-up” utilities even from a good Anti Spyware Anti Virus and Anti Malware company like AVG – this kind of thing can cause computer problems with system restore.


I hope that this helps someone else out there.

Wireless security cameras setup with recording and motion detection

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One of the jobs I completed recently in Applecross (near Perth) was Setting up some wireless web cameras for a client. After setting up the cameras I found some software which can record video based on motion detection. I then set it up so the three wifi cameras were on stand-by and at night the infra-red light would turn on in the software. We set it so when motion was detected between midnight and daybreak infront of these cameras it would start recording and send an alert email which is viewable via iphone/ipad or any other computer remotely over the internet.web wifi cam

The video security software programs I found for recording and remotely monitoring web cameras are these;

Blue Iris (Paid)

I Spy Connect (Free)

Wifi cameras are pretty cheap these days, so its a nice solution for extra security in your home. One thing to note though is that the Infra-red light coming from these cameras can be pretty strong, so you probably don’t want it switched on when you are around even though you can’t see it, it may damage your eyes. Also its important to setup passwords on these devices and be aware of the security issues around having internet-connected cameras.

New router problem fixed & Powerline Networking for Foxtel SOLVED

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Here are some comments from Grant:

“We had had no internet service for three days over the weekend Paul arrived on time, and gave updates via SMS to his arrival time, was approachable and helpful on arrival, and quickly asessed and worked on fixing the problem. On completion of the problem Paul ensured that all devices in the house were functional , and that we were happy with the resolution before departing. I would definately recommend Paul for his professionalism, his patience and concern for rectifing successfully the problem that we had . Well done Paul.”
Grant O, East Fremantle
Myself and Grant were really glad to find a solution to his internet connection and foxtel networking problems.

Myself and Grant were really glad to find a solution to his internet connection and foxtel networking problems.

Recently I helped Grant from East Fremantle with a tricky internet connection problem. He had a brand new belkin modem that wasn’t playing ball at all – it was a Belkin N600 DB or N750 db modem. After trying to get the modem working without success I installed my tester modem which is always with me (part of any good mobile computer repair service is to carry a spare). My modem worked fine with no problems, so we then installed a new one I had on-hand and the problem was solved, we installed a TP Link wireless N adsl2+ modem with NBN ready functions.


How to change a saved WEP key on Mac OSX – SOLVED

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key chain access screenshot osxToday I connected to a router with the wrong WEP password on my macbook. I went to change the save password by deleting the network from the network settings area on osx, but even after I deleted it and turned off wifi it came back and i didn’t have the change to change the password. Even after restarting the computer, no dice! The solution came when I discovered that WEP keys are saved in “Keychain Access” on OSX, so even if you delete the network it will still have the password saved in your mac, causing you to either change the wireless network name to be able to sovle it or to be able to open the ‘keychain access’ app on the mac and change it manually from there. Once I was able to change it manually in the keychain access area it was working perfectly. *phew*

P.S. you can get to Keychain Access by typing it into spotlight on the top right or finding it under applications -> utilities (not the System Preferences..)

Outlook on windows 8 reminders Iphone/icloud issues SOLVED

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Yesterday I fixed a problem with the new outlook on windows 8 reminders that were not working when the calendar items were coming from icloud. The reason this happens is that the icloud folder is quite different from the standard outlook folder (pst) setup and when someone adds a new appointment reminder.

So when you go to add a reminder it says something like this:
“The reminder for “….” will not appear because the item is in a folder that doesn’t support reminders. Is this OK?”outlook reminders not working image


The secret of how I use an 11.2gig email account with no freezing, crashing or slowness at all

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This  solution I use myself which enables me to have one central place for all my email accounts (business & personal), where I can keep a massive collection of emails, using the power of a super computer. It never crashes and it is free…interested?


Windows 8.1 broke your bigpond internet? here is the fix

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windows 8 bigpond internet fix solution

I like the speed about windows 8.1 but lately its been involved in breaking a few things for my clients…

I fixed a problem today where the internet was only partially working on a Windows 8 computer. The client had updated to Windows 8.1 and websites would load at first but then break or get errors when I went to download something or do a speedtest it would get page not found errors. Strange eh? so it was working but it was not..

The Solution / Fix
Luckily I was able to find others with the same problem on Whirlpool here ..The fix involves changing the DNS settings of the computer. In this situation I added one DNS server from Telstra I found here and one DNS server from google I found here so if there was a problem with either one the other DNS server would work.


Save your Perth PC from going to waste in landfill and get it recycled with these guys

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On my quest for good recycling options for the old PC due for retirement/recycling I came across this great project;

This is the best option I’ve found so far for recycling computers in Perth… check out the link above