Why Choose Us?

Why choose us over any other I.T. support company in Perth? Here are the things that make us unique:

Why choose us over the competition? here are 7 things that set us apart from other IT support companies in Perth;

  1. You get our unique 100% risk free Guarantee
  2. You don't have to deal with techno jargon speak (just plain english)
  3. You can relax knowing we are reliable and show up on time
  4. Your problems will be solved faster because we only hire the best technicians
  5. All of your technology  is supported (Macs & Pcs, printers, phones etc) 
  6. You deal with a flexible local Perth-based small business, no big overheads
  7. You can be confident knowing everything is done legally and by the book and tax deductible
  • Our rock solid 100% satisfaction guarantee, only pay when you are happy.
    Most I.T. firms don't offer any sort of guarantee and when they do, its a "no fix no pay" guarantee which means you may end up paying for something thats not worth fixing. We are the only company in Perth offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we don't ask you for any upfront payment - you only pay us when you are completely satisfied.
  • We won’t confuse you with jargon
    You  never have to worry about having to deal with “Tech Talk” or “Computer Jargon” from nerds with no social skills. We “Keep it Simple” and speak to you using plain and simple English. The combination of good computer skills and good people skills is rare, but thats what we look for in our team at IT Call Out.
  • Reliability - We show up on time and keep you in the loop you until your problem is solved
    We have heard many stories of people making bookings with other I.T. companies that never showed up at all or never finished fixing a problem because it got too hard. We take our appointments very seriously and schedule a specific time slot to suit you, if there are any problems we will call to let you know in advance. We won't quit until you are completely satisfied.
  • We know what we are doing, so we fix your problems faster and with less hassles
    While some amateur or hobby technicians can even make your computer problem worse, we get to the core of your issues and solve your problems quickly. Our preference is to fix your problem onsite in one quick visit, while many other IT firms prefer to take your computer away for a week.
    We are very picky and only hire the best I.T. professionals - 90% of applicants that apply to work for us don't make the cut due to lack of skills and experience. We like to have staff that do the job right the first time. We are backed by over 30 years of combined computer experience in our team and we have been doing this business for over 7 years. We also work with high profile companies such as Nielsen, Executive Airlines, Google and have even setup a wireless network for an event hosting the Prime Minister.
  • We support all of your technology including Pcs, Apple Macs, iphones, ipads, blackberries, wireless modems, VPNs, game consoles, printers and even audio visual equipment
    While some companies just offer basic support for windows PCs only – we are happy to support every piece of computer technology that you have – and make them all talk to eachother too!  If you are not sure, just ask! This means that you can rely on just one company to integrate all of your equipment together and not have to deal with it yourself in your own time or find someone else to help you with that one device that just wont fit.
  • We are a local Perth-based company and don’t have huge overheads like the bigger guys
    So we are more flexible, you have  more personal relationship with us, we work more efficiently and give you better value for money. Our loyal clients provide us with ongoing work and and referrals so we don’t need to spend large sums of money advertising and are able to provide an efficient service to you.

A personal note from one of our clients - Heather Janssen


I am a computer troglodyte - I know NOTHING about them. I self installed snow leopard onto my old mac and then couldn't start up the computer. Paul was fantastic - solved the problem - I got to keep snow leopard and he fixed up everything I had been having problems with through my ignorance. - my mail box, scanner etc. He also hooked up the Playstation 3 wirelessly whilst he was here. Would recommend him to anyone. He was so helpful in every way. He is even going to try and help with an ancient Mac Performa that crashed. Many many thanks Paul, Heather Janssen, Cottesloe”