Our local Perth team of experts


Thats me – Paul, the author of this website and the Director of IT Call Out. I have worked in Europe and Australia. In my career I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of clients including doing projects for Google and Samsung. I started IT Call Out about 13 years ago because I enjoyed the challenge and creativity of fixing computer problems and helping people.  I focus on;

  • Setting an example of great customer service with staff that are both good with people and good with technology.
  • Providing long-term solutions to problems and always looking to solving the core issues behind the problems.
  • Aiming for a Win-Win in every interaction – Your problems are solved and the referrals & income generated enables us to stay in business to help more people.

I personally use a MacBook Pro Apple Mac laptop along with some windows PC laptops for my day-to-day computer activities. I previously worked as a graphic designer using Apple Macs every day, so I am very confident with both Apple and Windows Pcs.

In my spare time I like to learn about things such as compassionate communication (NVC) and self awareness.  I also enjoy making electronic music in Ableton Live and have even helped some of my clients setup their computer music software. I also like to build things with electronics and in the past few years I have built a few car racing simulators – one involving a real car inside a projected room and one with an electronically operated motion seat.

it support fibre optic data centre

Paul doing some it support work configuring some fibre optic networks at a data centre in Europe

Staff – We have a small team of experts in and around the Perth CBD ready to help you.